Pallie Deana Martin’s Friday Christmas Show 12-18-20

“Big Band Files” WNEW Style Christmas Show

In this edition of the “Big Band Files with Doug Miles” we salute the late, great New York radio station WNEW 1130 as we re-create it’s style of broadcasting with classic Christmas songs from Judy Garland, Jack Jones, Mel Torme, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Nancy Wilson, Peggy Lee, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Count Basie Orchestra and more.

“Big Band Files” Christmas Show 9

“Big Band Files” with Doug Miles Christmas show featuring artists: Deana Martin, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Artie Shaw Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman Orchestra, Bing Crosby, Mel Torme, Andy Williams and more.

“Artist Spotlight” Singer Deana Martin White Christmas CD 11/28/12

Doug Miles talks with Deana Martin (recorded 11/28/12). Deana is the daughter of the legendary entertainer Dean Martin. She is a singer and author. Deana talks about her Christmas Show now touring throughout the U.S., her “White Christmas” CD, working with Andy Williams and Davy Jones and tells some great stories about her father Dean Martin.

“Big Band Files” Christmas Show Bing and Friends 2

On this edition of the “Big Band Files” with Doug Miles, we feature classic Christmas music with artists: Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Mel Torme, Nancy Wilson, Fred Travalena, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and more. Originally aired WTMY.

“Book Talk” Guest Steven Blush Author “Bustin’ Balls: World Team Tennis 1974-78 Pro Sports, Pop Culture and Progressive Politics”

Don Henderson joins me to talk with Steven Blush author “Bustin’ Balls: World Team Tennis 1974-78 Pro Sports, Pop Culture and Progressive Politics”. Book link available below:

Cancel Culture’s Wish List to eliminate “offensive” nicknames in baseball

Yankees could offend southerners
Dodgers could offend those who avoided the draft
Mets (Metropolitans) could offend non city dwellers
Red Sox could offend people who wear white sox
Astros could offend space aliens
Braves could offend, what’s the point?
Blue Jays could offend all birds that aren’t blue
Cubs could offend probably some group of people with too much time on their hands
White Sox could offend, see Red Sox
Cardinals could offend, see Blue Jays
Indians could offend, see Braves
Angels could offend atheists
Phillies could offend, see Cubs
Giants could offend short people
Reds could offend communists
Padres could offend, see Angels
Tigers could offend, again see Cubs
Twins could offend, only children
Rays could offend, sun worshippers
Brewers could offend teetotalers
Athletics could offend lazy people
Pirates could offend law abiding citizens
Rangers could offend outlaws
Mariners could offend pirates
Nationals could offend illegal aliens
Orioles could offend, see Blue Jays and Cardinals
Marlins could offend, maybe that one slips through
Royals could offend the rest of us peasants
Diamondbacks could offend snake worshippers
Rockies could offend see Marlins

“Big Band Files” Christmas Show Guest Steve Lawrence

This episode features an interview with Steve Lawrence who talks about his current CD at the time with a few selections from the CD and some Christmas songs. Please keep Steve in your thoughts and prayers. Originally aired WTMY.

“Big Band Files” Christmas Show Guest Jack Jones

Singer Jack Jones joins Doug Miles to talk about his career. Christmas songs and tunes from Jack’s recent CD are included. Originally aired WTMY.

Bob Hope Christmas Special 1971

Bob Hope and his 1970 USO troupe take their annual Christmas tour of military bases around the world. Joining Bob are Ursula Andress, Johnny Bench Lola Falana, The Golddiggers, Gloria Loring, Bobbi Martin, The Dingaling Sisters, Jennifer Hosten, Yvonne Ormes and Les Brown and His Band of Renown.