Product Review: Clean Talk Anti-Spam

I’ve been using a product that has dramatically improved our website ( As we all know, spam has just about ruined our time on the Internet with junk ads and scam emails. I would like to recommend anyone who has a website install “Clean Talk Anti-Spam”. It has just about eliminated the spam that shows up on our website by capturing all the junk and separating it easily to be deleted very simply when we do our website maintenance.

The price is very reasonable for a yearly subscription and since we’ve had it on our website, it has done exactly what the product says it will do. Highly recommended! Click here for the link to Clean Talk Anti-Spam

– Doug Miles- (

Tennis 4.0 Doubles On a Breezy Evening in Sarasota

4.0 Doubles match between Doug (Me, red shirt) and Mark against Leo and Ryan played in Sarasota, FL Sept. 7, 2022. Good competition.