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Check out my friend and fellow broadcaster Mark Malkoff’s Carson Podcast with Drew Carey

Mark Malkoff interview’s guests who have been on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It’s a great podcast. Here he talks with comedian Drew Carey about his debut on the show with Johnny Carson and getting called over to the couch.

Book Talk guest Bernard Cornwell author Waterloo The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles

Bernard Cornwell
You may order the book in the Amazon.com search box below:

“Sports Talk” with Don Henderson and Doug Miles 12/1/14

“Book Talk Radio” guest Richard Paul Evans author “The Mistletoe Promise”

Richard Paul Evans

“Sports Talk” guest Jay Paterno author “Paterno Legacy” 8/26/14

“Book Talk” guest Roger James Hamilton author “The Millionaire Master Plan”

“Book Talk” guest: Peter Lance author “Deal with the Devil: The FBI’s Secret 30-Year Relationship with a Mafia Killer”

“Sports Talk” with Don Henderson and Doug Miles 7/21/14