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“Artist Spotlight” Legendary WNEW 1130 Radio Personality Jim Lowe

Doug Miles presents a segment of Jim Lowe’s “Music Hall” as aired on the late, great WNEW 1130 AM in New York City on 11-11-81. WNEW was a legendary station that inspired me to do the “Big Band Files” radio show. The station played songs from the great American Songbook and had a lineup of radio personalities that was second to none in broadcasting.

Pallie Deana Martin’s Weekly Show #49!

“Big Band Files” Tribute to Mel Torme WNEW 1130 Style

On this edition of the “Big Band Files” with Doug Miles, we pay tribute to the great singer and musician Mel Torme in the style of the late, great New York radio station WNEW 1130 AM.

Frank Sinatra sings “Angel Eyes” on Tonight Show 1965

A rare appearance by Frank Sinatra on the “Tonight Show” from 1965. Joey Bishop was the host. Frank and Dean Martin were walk on guests and joked around on the panel before Frank took stage and sang one of his classic saloon songs.

Pallie Deana Martin’s Weekly Show 2/5/21

Pallie Deana Martin’s Weekly Show

Deana Martin Sings Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime on my Birthday!

Thanks to Pallie Deana Martin for singing her Dad’s theme song “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” on my birthday on her weekly Internet show.

Pallie Deana Martin’s Weekly Show 1-22-21

Frank Sinatra & Count Basie – The Best Is Yet To Come

Pallie Deana Martin’s Friday Show 1-14-21