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Remembering the great comedian Mort Sahl who passed away at 94

Remembering the great Norm MacDonald who passed away at 61. A truly funny man.

Remembering actor and comedian Art Metrano who passed away at 84

Art Metrano passed away at 84 on Sept. 8th. He was an actor and comedian, known best for the Police Academy movies and his many appearances on television doing his comedy magic act while singing the song “Fine and Dandy”.

Remembering Comedian Mal Z. Lawrence who passed away at 83

Remembering comedian Mal Z. Lawrence who passed away at 83 yesterday. A funny man who starred on Broadway in “Catskills on Broadway” with Freddie Roman, Dick Capri, Marilyn Michaels and Louise DuArt.

Pallie Dennis Bono’s Show from Las Vegas 6-24-21

After a 15 month hiatus, Las Vegas singer and show host Dennis Bono returned last weekend with his great show from the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Guests and perforers are:

Singer/Host Dennis Bono
Singer Corrie Sachs
Comedian Kathleen Dunbar
Singers The Righteous Bros.
Singer Zowie Bowie
Singer/Comedian Frankie Scinta
Singers The Bronx Wanderer’s

Jack Carter “New York, Ed Sullivan & Christmas” on The Ed Sullivan Show

The great comedian Jack Carter “New York, Ed Sullivan & Christmas” on The Ed Sullivan Show on December 2, 1965.

Jackie Mason “Astronauts” on The Ed Sullivan Show

Jackie Mason before the famous “finger” incident on The Ed Sullivan Show April 29, 1962.

Jackie Vernon “Dull Guy” on The Ed Sullivan Show

The great Jackie Vernon on “The Ed Sullivan Show” from May 30, 1965. You can see the influence he had on future comedians such as Steven Wright who did a similar act in the 80’s and 90’s.

David Frye “Nixon Celebrity Press Conference” on The Ed Sullivan Show

David Frye was one of the best impressionists that was on just about all the variety and talk shows in the late 60’s and 70’s. Known for his Richard Nixon impression, somehow, his career lagged after Watergate and he virtually disappeared from television.

Remembering The Great Shelley Berman on What Would’ve Been His 96th Birthday

Radio interview with legendary comedian Shelley Berman. He talks about working on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Boston Legal and Don’t Mess with Zohan and improvisation and his poetry. WSLR Radio Sarasota, FL. Recorded 7/31/09. Shelley passed away in Sept. 2017.