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Early Johnny Carson Standup on the Ed Sullivan Show

Here’s a rare look at Johnny Carson doing standup before the Tonight Show on the Ed Sullivan Show March 26, 1961, 18 months before he would take over the Tonight Show.

Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On! (2020) Theatrical Trailer

Outstanding documentary on the great Kaye Ballard which had a special debut screening on Facebook last night. It is scheduled for full streaming release soon. Kaye Ballard was a tremendous and very underrated talent.

Happy 112th Birthday to the great Uncle Miltie. Rumor has it he was born on the 12th and 13th of July, 1908.

Tribute to Comedy Legend Carl Reiner

Doug Miles looks back at a few classic moments of Carl Reiner on television as we pay tribute to one of the comedy legends who passed away at 98 on 6/29/20.

Remembering Fred Travalena with Lois Travalena

Doug Miles talks with Lois Travalena as they remember the talented singer, impressionist, comedian, actor and composer Fred Travalena.

Remembering the great Carl Reiner aka “Alan Brady” who passed away at 98.

Enjoy a Few Minutes with Master Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham

The great Jeff Dunham doing all his characters at once.

Remembering Comedian/Actor Fred Willard

Doug Miles remembers the great comic actor Fred Willard who passed away in May 2020 at 86 with a look back at some of his work.

Remembering Comedian and Actor Jerry Stiller

Doug Miles hosts a look back at some of Stiller and Meara’s comedy on the Ed Sullivan Show, The Carol Burnett Show and one of their Blue Nun Wine radio commercials as a tribute to the great Jerry Stiller who passed away 5/11/20 at 92.

Remembering Actor/Comedian Jerry Stiller

Jerry Stiller was a talented actor/comedian/writer who passed away today at 92. He and his wife Anne Meara were a successful comedy team and each of them were successful as individual performers. Jerry was best known to TV audiences in the 1990’s as “Frank Costanza” on “Seinfeld” and “Arthur Spooner” on “The King of Queens”. Here’s part of an appearance of “Stiller and Meara” on the “Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964: