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Happy 101st Birthday to our Mom!

Happy Birthday to our Dad who would’ve been 101 today!

Remembering our Dad, Arthur Miles on his birthday. Born 9-2-20. We miss him every day. A great guy!

Something finally worthwhile in sports

Remembering Michael Collins of Apollo 11 who passed away today at 90

America’s Founding Documents

Good idea for all of us to read these thoroughly again or maybe for the first time. These are our rights, God inspired and given to our forefathers who prepared them well in written form. Don’t let these evildoers who are trying to steal our country get away with it. This, and the Bible, are the only playbooks that matter.

BardsFM Founding Documents Digital Pamphlet

Saluting the veterans today including my Uncle, Tom Cooper who served in the Marines in WWII

Saluting all the veterans today including my Grandfather Sam Cooper who served in the Canadian Royal Navy in WW1

Remembering all the veterans today, including my Dad, Arthur Miles who served in the army in the Philippines in WWII.

Remembering the great Sean Connery who passed away this weekend at 90

Sean Connery was one of the great film actors and a worldwide star. He played James Bond in 7 films, but also transitioned into character roles later in his career in “Hunt for Red October”, “The Untouchables”, “The Man Who Would Be King” “Indiana Jones” and many others. He was a class act all the way.

Happy 100th Birthday to my Mom, Pearl on Sept. 28th!