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Remembering actor and comedian Art Metrano who passed away at 84

Art Metrano passed away at 84 on Sept. 8th. He was an actor and comedian, known best for the Police Academy movies and his many appearances on television doing his comedy magic act while singing the song “Fine and Dandy”.

Remembering Ed Asner who passed away at 91

Remembering the great character actor Ed Asner who passed away at 91 this weekend.

Remembering the great Gavin McLeod who passed away last weekend at 90

Gavin McLeod was a talented actor who was best known for his roles as Murray Slaughter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Captain Stubing on the Love Boat.

Remembering actor Charles Grodin who passed away at 86 today.

He was always great bantering with Johnny Carson.

Remembering the great actor Norman Lloyd who passed away at 106.

Norman Lloyd had a long and distinguished career as an actor and director. He worked with Orson Welles Mercury Radio Theater. He was a favorite actor of Alfred Hitchcock who used him in several films. He is probably best known for his role as Dr. Auschlander on “St. Elsewhere on NBC-TV in the 80’s.

Remembering the Great Character Actor James Hampton who Passed Away at 84

James Hampton was a talented actor who is best known for his role as bumbling bugler Hannibal Dobbs on “F-Troop”. He was a great comedic actor who also worked in several Burt Reynolds movies and on the Rockford Files. He passed away after a long illness at age 84 on April 7th.

Remembering Actor George Segal Who Passed Away at 87

Remembering Actor Hal Holbrook who passed away at 95

In this archive episode, Doug Miles talks with actor Hal Holbrook about his career and portraying Mark Twain. As aired WSRQ radio Sarasota, FL Feb. 2007. Hal Holbrook passed away at 95 on 2/1/21.

Remembering the great Sean Connery who passed away this weekend at 90

Sean Connery was one of the great film actors and a worldwide star. He played James Bond in 7 films, but also transitioned into character roles later in his career in “Hunt for Red October”, “The Untouchables”, “The Man Who Would Be King” “Indiana Jones” and many others. He was a class act all the way.

RIP Wilford Brimley aka the Postal Inspector on Seinfeld

Wilford Brimley was a great character actor in film and television. He passed away at 85 this weekend. He specialized in playing authority figures who got your attention. Here’s a classic scene from “Seinfeld” where he played the postal inspector convincing Kramer not to cancel his mail.