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“Sports Talk” Guest Bill Kashatus Author “Lefty and Tim”

Don Henderson and Doug Miles talk with Bill Kashatus author “Lefty and Tim” How Steve Carlton and Tim McCarver Became Baseball’s Best Battery” on “Sports Talk”. Book link below:

“Sports Talk” Guest Kostya Kennedy Author “True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson”

Doug Miles talks with Kostya Kennedy author “True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson” on the 75th anniversary year of his joining the Brooklyn Dodgers and breaking the color barrier in baseball. 2022 is also the 50th anniversary of his passing in 1972 at just 53. Book link available below:

“Sports Talk” with Don Henderson and Doug Miles Guest “Sudden Sam” McDowell

Don Henderson and Doug Miles talk with former Major League pitcher Sam “Sudden Sam” McDowell, one of the great strikeout artists in baseball history about his book “The Saga of Sudden Sam”. Sam pitched for the Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, NY Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1960’s and 70’s. He battled alcoholism and devoted his post baseball career to helping former players and others deal with alcoholism and addiction. Book link available below:

42 Years Ago Today A Memorable Moment at Yankee Stadium

“Sports Talk” Guest Former MLB Player, Manager and Broadcaster Jeff Torborg

“Sports Talk” co-host Don Henderson talks with former major league baseball player, manager and broadcaster Jeff Torborg. Torborg caught 3 no-hitters in his career as a catcher with the Dodgers (Sandy Koufax) and Angels (Nolan Ryan and Bill Singer).

“Big Band Files” Salute to Baseball

On this edition of the show, we salute the game of baseball as spring training begins with some songs and sounds of the game.

Cancel Culture’s Wish List to eliminate “offensive” nicknames in baseball

Yankees could offend southerners
Dodgers could offend those who avoided the draft
Mets (Metropolitans) could offend non city dwellers
Red Sox could offend people who wear white sox
Astros could offend space aliens
Braves could offend, what’s the point?
Blue Jays could offend all birds that aren’t blue
Cubs could offend probably some group of people with too much time on their hands
White Sox could offend, see Red Sox
Cardinals could offend, see Blue Jays
Indians could offend, see Braves
Angels could offend atheists
Phillies could offend, see Cubs
Giants could offend short people
Reds could offend communists
Padres could offend, see Angels
Tigers could offend, again see Cubs
Twins could offend, only children
Rays could offend, sun worshippers
Brewers could offend teetotalers
Athletics could offend lazy people
Pirates could offend law abiding citizens
Rangers could offend outlaws
Mariners could offend pirates
Nationals could offend illegal aliens
Orioles could offend, see Blue Jays and Cardinals
Marlins could offend, maybe that one slips through
Royals could offend the rest of us peasants
Diamondbacks could offend snake worshippers
Rockies could offend see Marlins

Heaven has acquired quite a team in 2020

Baltimore Orioles to Host Food Distribution at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota

(Sarasota, FL) The Baltimore Orioles announced today that they have partnered with All Faiths Food Bank to host a series of mass food distribution events at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, FL. The events will take place on the second Saturday of each month from September through December, with the first event being held on September 12. Future events will be held on October 10, November 14, and December 12.

Each distribution event will take place in the East Lot and is first-come, first-served, beginning at 9 a.m. and continuing until food runs out or 11:30 a.m. All the events will be staffed by All Faiths Food Bank volunteers and staff, and several of the events will also be staffed by Orange & Black Gives Back, the Orioles employee volunteer program. To donate or to learn more about upcoming food distributions, please visit AllFaithsFoodBank.org.

“Many of our neighbors in the Sarasota and DeSoto counties are continuing to experience food insecurity as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jennifer Grondahl, Orioles Senior Vice President, Community Development and Communications. “It is our hope that, in partnering with All Faiths Food Bank, we will be able to provide relief and stability to those families who are most in need.”

All Faiths Food Bank has taken special measures to remove barriers to assistance: no pre-registration is required. Physical distancing and no-touch strategies will be observed, as food will be distributed via drive-thru and placed directly into the trunks of cars. Attendees will also receive information about additional Food Bank locations where groceries are available.

All Faiths Food Bank is the only food bank and the largest hunger relief organization in Sarasota and DeSoto counties.

For additional information on the Orioles’ community efforts in Sarasota, please visit Orioles.com/CommunityResources.

Tom Seaver on “Kiner’s Korner” WOR-TV April 5, 1983

This is the Kiner’s Korner talk show which followed every NY Mets home game on WOR Channel 9 in New York. Ralph Kiner is interviewing Tom Seaver on April 5, 1983, following his opening day return to Shea.