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Deana Martin Sings Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime on my Birthday!

Thanks to Pallie Deana Martin for singing her Dad’s theme song “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” on my birthday on her weekly Internet show.

Pallie Deana Martin’s Weekly Show 1-22-21

Pallie Deana Martin’s Friday Show 1-14-21

Pallie Deana Martin’s Show 1-8-21

Pallie Deana Martin’s New Year’s Day Show 1-1-21

Pallie Deana Martin’s Friday Christmas Show 12-18-20

“Artist Spotlight” Singer Deana Martin White Christmas CD 11/28/12

Doug Miles talks with Deana Martin (recorded 11/28/12). Deana is the daughter of the legendary entertainer Dean Martin. She is a singer and author. Deana talks about her Christmas Show now touring throughout the U.S., her “White Christmas” CD, working with Andy Williams and Davy Jones and tells some great stories about her father Dean Martin.

Pallie Deana Martin’s Weekly Concert 12-4-20

Deana Martin is an American singer, actor, performer and the very proud daughter of iconic entertainer, Dean Martin. Website: www.deanamartin.com – Deana Martin LIVE! video recorded on Facebook 12/4/20 – Show #38 – Watch Deana Martin LIVE! on Facebook every Friday at 1PM.

Pallie Deana Martin’s Weekly Online Show 11-27-20

Pallie Deana Martin’s Internet Show 11-20-20