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Remembering Comedian Jackie Mason

Remembering the great comedian Jackie Mason who passed away this weekend at 93. I had the pleasure of talking with him on radio. Here’s a conversation from 2010 as aired on WSLR Sarasota, FL.

Jackie Mason “Astronauts” on The Ed Sullivan Show

Jackie Mason before the famous “finger” incident on The Ed Sullivan Show April 29, 1962.

Jackie Mason “Communication Skills” on The Ed Sullivan Show

I believe this was Jackie’s last appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show (Sept. 18, 1966). Looked like he knew it would be as he gave Ed the business about the gestures and ended with the impression. Jackie had said it hurt his career when he was banned (for 2 years), but he was still on variety shows throughout the 60’s like Dean Martin’s Show and The Smothers Brothers.