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Singer Debbie Wileman Sings a Tribute to Judy Garland as Judy on her birthday

The legendary Judy Garland would’ve been 98 today. Despite her troubles, she left a great legacy of performances, particularly from her 1963-64 TV show.

Singer Debbie Wileman as Judy Garland Sings “San Francisco”

Singer/Impressionist Debbie Wileman as Judy Garland

Singer/Impressionist Debbie Wileman (from the UK) is fast becoming an Internet sensation with her “Song a Day” videos on Facebook and YouTube. She does the best Judy Garland impression ever. Others she’s posted include Shirley Bassey, Doris Day and Dusty Springfield along with just herself singing various classic songs in all genres. Check out this performance of Garland’s iconic song “Over the Rainbow”.