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Meet the Mets Song: Rhapsody in Orange and Blue

The description below written by the artist shown here, Sara Davis Buechner. Bravo Sara! 🙂
Many baseball teams have theme songs, but none is as clever or catchy as “Meet the Mets,” composed in 1962 by Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz. The song celebrates the return of National League baseball to New York City, when the New York Mets were introduced at the Polo Grounds, after the lamentable departure of the Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers for the west coast in 1958.

The New York Mets have had a colorful history ever since, and are poised to win the National League East pennant this year. The tune is on every New Yorker’s mind these days, and so I created my own piano rendition of the song. It is in a pep rally style, perhaps as Liszt or Gershwin might have played it.